Doggy Day Care - Brisbane Homestay Service
Doggy Day Care - Brisbane Homestay Service
Doggy Day Care - Brisbane Homestay Service

Dog Care Services is a home based doggy day care service.

Dog Care Services knows how important quality pet minding is to a caring family

Kathy and Leith, how can we ever thank you for agreeing to look after Missy so that we could have a holiday.  I felt sick at the thought of leaving her with strangers, but I was suprised to see how quickly she became friends with the other puppies and how she enjoyed the cuddle that you gave her. Now that we've done it once and been so happy, we hope to have another short holiday early next year.  Until then thanks once more  Fran and Peter.  (contact details available should you wish to confirm their experience)  May 2011
Situated in Indooroopilly Brisbane Dog Care Services offers pet minding services Monday to Friday and  weekends by negotiation.
In late 2010 we lost our loveable Bassett Hound "Chester" at the age of 14 and our moggy "Delicat" at the age of 22. 

They'd been such a part of our family and we had thought we should replace them.  However, before we could do that we took in a couple of puppies who lost their home in the flood.  We knew that looking after Gizomo and Kechie was more than just providing pet care.  Their owner was under great stress and in many respects for her to know that her much loved puppies were safe and sound gave her a real sense of comfort and allowed her to rebuild her life without having to worry about her two "babies".

Gizmo and and Kechie stayed with us for more than 6 months and during that time we realised that we had the opportunity to offer a valuable service to people who need a day care service for their canine friend/s and so decided to start Dog Care Services.

We are a retired couple in our early 60's and have a home with polished floors and this makes it stress free and easy for us to provide a dog minding service that allows the dogs to come inside as they wish without any concerns about keeping the floor clean.  Airconditioning keeps everyone cool and comfortable in both summer and winter.

Our resort style undercover patio area is ideal for having a snooze in the summer afternoon and a sunbath in the winter.
Dog Care Services offers a low cost service that serves the needs of both your dog and you.   Being able to trust that your dog will be treated with care and love in a safe environment is central to the service we provide.  Pet minding is a social and emotional experience and not only benefits you the dog owner but us, through the joy, trust and unconditional love we are shown by the various dogs we have minded.

How we started Dog Care Services

Dog Care Services for againg dogs
Dog Care Services
Dog Care Services
A Brisbane Doggy Day Care Service
Monday to Friday

Weekend care by arrangement

Limited number of dogs

Small dogs preferred

Long day by arrangement

Overnight by arrangement

Night Shift Care by arrangement

No kennels or cages

Access to house and garden

Only vaccinated dogs

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Dog Care Services
19 Taringa Parade
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Small dog minding  monday to friday and weekends by negotiation at Brisbane's Dog Care Services.
Indooroopilly,   Kenmore,    St Lucia,   Taringa,   Toowong,    Chapel Hill,    Chelmer,    Graceville
Indooroopilly,   Kenmore,    St Lucia,   Taringa,   Toowong,    Chapel Hill,    Chelmer,    Graceville
Dog Care Services kathy and Charlie
Dog Care Services is located at Indooroopilly in Brisbane and is a doggy day care service.  We welcome every dog with open arms and allow your best friend to relax and socialise in the same manner as it would in your own home.  If you would like your dog to have free reign of the house and garden Dog Care Services Brisbane allows that to happen.
In 2008 we became friends with a young doctor who had just arrived from overseas.  Soon after his arrival he purchased Daisy, a Bichoodle puppy.  We agreed to take on "shared custody" of Daisy, while he was studying and working.  For more than three years Daisy has been part of our family and makes our home her home.  To her this is her second home and when she is here she knows she's in charge.  Daisy spends at least a few days each month with us now and enjoys her doggie sleepovers while her "dad" is working night shifts.
Dog Care Services -Doggy Day Care for Daisy
Doogy Day Care and Chester
Doogy Day Care and Delicat
Daisy and her Dad
Chester at 14 years
Deli at 22 years
 Dog Care Services - Dog Minding Gizmo
Dog Care Services  Kechie
Gizmo our flood refugee
Kechie sister to Gizmo
Kathy, your host, and Charlie
Doggy Day Care  Leith
Leith, your host
Dog Minding Daisy
Daisy resting
Doggy Day Care and Audrey
dog care service Audrey making her self at home
Audrey loves Sudoku
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