sociable and enjoy the company of others, including humans
toilet trained
obedient (within reason)
treated for fleas and ticks
desexed and
quietly mannered (in other words no barking or nipping)
Doggy Day Care - Brisbane Homestay Service
 Doggy Day Care Indooroopilly
 Doggy Day Care Indooroopilly Brisbane

Doggy Day Care is our speciality.

Doggy Day Care can be hard to find, especially if you think your four legged friend of the canine variety is a person and a real member of your family and deserves all the home comforts while you're away or working, then look no further, at Dog Care Services you'll find a Doggy Day Care Service that meets your needs and those of your puppy.

Dog Care Services offers doggy day care based on the "homestay" model of:

providing an air-conditioned homely environment
allowing full use of the garden and common rooms within the home
having the freedom and absolute right to stretch out or curl up on the couch at any time
having 24 hours internal and external access
being able to sleep indoors or outdoors as the mood dictates
sharing a bed (only available to canine homestay guest)
having the opportunity to particpate fully with family and friends and
most of all AFFORDABLE accomodation.
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Doggy Day Care

etiquette requires our Dog Care Services Guests to be:

Dog Care Services, a home away from home

Dog Care Services offers a full range of services

a walk each day
daily brushing
reward treats
Previous guests have rated Dog Care Services Brisbane as being 5 Star Accomodation, with polished floors and air conditioning

If you're looking for a safe, happy and and friendly home for your dog then
contact us today at Dog Care Services for the best in Doggy Day Care.
Monday to Friday

Weekend care by arrangement

Limited number of dogs

Small dogs preferred

Aging Dogs

Recuperating Dogs

Long day by arrangement

Overnight by arrangement

Night Shift Care by arrangement

No kennels or cages

Access to house and garden

Only vaccinated dogs

dog minding brisbane
Dog Care Services
Doggy Day Care Specialists
Dog Care Services
19 Taringa Parade
Brisbane QLD 4068

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Doggy Day Care - Brisbane Homestay Service
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Indooroopilly,   Kenmore,    St Lucia,   Taringa,   Toowong,    Chapel Hill,    Chelmer,    Graceville
Indooroopilly,   Kenmore,    St Lucia,   Taringa,   Toowong,    Chapel Hill,    Chelmer,    Graceville
Doggy Day Care Kathy and Charlie
Doggy Day Care -Dog Minding Brisbane
Dog Care Services -Tara relaxing
Doggy Day Care Services and Daisy and Chester
Kathy, your host, 
and Charlie
Lucy and Audrey
Tara relaxing
Daisy and Poor Old Chester
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Dog Care Services -Dog Minding Brisbane
Lucy and Charlie
Dog Care Services - Doggy Day care
Harry chilling out
Small dog minding  monday to friday and weekends by negotiation at Brisbane's Dog Care Services.
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